A few words about us

Manzano Oil Corporation was cofounded in 1984 by Ken Barbe and two other principals.  Manzano grew mostly through the drill bit in the Permian Basin, and in 2001 sold its oil and gas properties to Concho Oil and Gas.

Later in 2001, Ken Barbe and Mike Hanagan joined forces and formed Manzano, LLC.  Once again, the focus was on the drill bit in the Permian Basin.  In 2005, Manzano took over management and operations of a Raton Basin Project located in Southeastern Colorado.  Manzano formed a company and named it Apple Tree Holdings, LLC, to own and manage those assets.  Apple Tree owns eight wells, operated by Manzano, with production of approximately 18,000 MCF per day of gas that is sent to a gas processing plant owned and operated by Apple Tree.  The products that Apple Tree sells from this plant are CO2, natural gas, condensate, and NGL’s.

In 2006, Barbe and Hanagan, along with other investors, purchased the stock of a privately held Houston, TX, company called Axis Energy Corporation.  The books and records of Axis were moved to Manzano’s office in Roswell, NM, whereby Manzano manages the day to day operations of Axis.  Axis operates wells in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma and has been an active driller in the Western Anadarko Basin in the Texas Panhandle and Western Oklahoma.  Axis owns interest in approximately 2000 properties located predominantly in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

In 2008, Barbe and Hanagan, along with John Worrall, formed a management team that was funded by Energy Trust Partners of Dallas, TX, and named the company Manzano Energy Partners, LLC.  Since its inception Manzano Energy Partners, LLC, through its Manager, Manzano, LLC, has been actively drilling and producing in the Permian Basin and the Western Anadarko Basin.